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Most Observers a Little Shaky on Ragtag Libyan Rebels
World News - by Mark on 4/3/2011 (0)

And the
Obama Polls Surge Upwards as Obama Becomes More and More Conservative
Politics - by Mark on 1/24/2011 (0)

Yassah, suh!
'What Is A Darwin Deez' Keeps Most Of World Guessing
Entertainment - by Mark on 1/6/2011 (0)

What is Deez? Who is Deez? How much is Deez?!
Apple Computer Celebrates Firing 1,000,000th Employee
Tech - by Mark on 12/28/2010 (0)

Oh boy, Apple bites!
Italian Kid Makes It Clear He Really Doesn’t Like Italian Food
Food - by Mark on 11/16/2010 (1)

Whattsamatta for you?!
Nestle Announces 5 More Pasty Tasting White Cracker Dough Crust Hot Pocket Flavors
Food - by Mark on 11/12/2010 (0)

I was getting very hungry!
Lonely Canadian Man Marries Local Maple Tree
World News - by Mark on 11/7/2010 (0)

Aroooah! Try scoochin' a bit to the left, eh?
Rampaging Giant Jesus Statue Comes To Life, Ravages Small Town
World News - by Mark on 11/7/2010 (2)

Holy stomping Jesus! Mraaggh!!
Girl Who Didn't Want Her Picture Taken Gets It Taken Anyway
US News - by Mark on 10/24/2010 (0)

Just some U.S. News at a literal glance
DUI ‘Party Plates’ Becoming National Fad
Business - by Mark on 10/20/2010 (0)

Make mine a purple!
Local Man Drinks Stacker 6 Hour Energy Drink, Pisses Most Out Later
Health - by Mark on 10/17/2010 (0)

More than you need, is well, more than you need!
Five Things You Should Never Do With Your Quran
Religeon - by Mark on 9/18/2010 (2)

Okay, calm down...we know, we know.
Astronomer: Universe Askew Because Eminem Won't Stop Acting Black
Entertainment - by Mark on 9/6/2010 (14)

Justin Bieber Allegation Shocker: I am NOT a Teen Lesbian!
Entertainment - by Mark on 7/18/2010 (8)

Is Justin a Justina?!
'Back in 5 Minutes' Sign Deemed Equivalent To 'Gone to Take a Shit'
Business - by Mark on 7/14/2010 (1)

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