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Smooth Operator burst onto the Net in July of 2002 and has single-handedly saved the Internet, rescuing it from the backlash of the Dot-Bomb era and turning the Internet into one of the most popular destinations for Porn and satire fans everywhere.

Smooth Operator has innovated while others are struggling to simply imitate. Ideas such as regular updates, user polls, and commenting on articles were all features first pioneered by Smooth Operator was also the first website to poke fun at celebrities, politicians, and Canadians, something that nearly everyone is doing nowadays. You can hardly watch television, read a book, or witness an old man yelling obscenities at grade school children without seeing the influence of Smooth Operator.

"It's safe to say that without Smooth Operator, the Internet would be a pretty lame place to be," said former Vice President Al Gore. "Has anyone seen my shoes? I swear I left them by the door but they seem to be gone, you assholes better not have stolen them again."

In 2006, readers of The Best Satire Awards voted Smooth Operator the Best Established Site, an award so prestigious that it has already gone to the heads of the staff here at Smooth Operator, which caused us to have to widen many of the doors in our office to accommodate the massively inflated egos.


Kris - Webmaster, writer, stud
2008 Presidential hopeful Kris is a floundering web developer by day and cough syrup addict by night. He spends his days "Writing, changing forum fonts, posting silly picks, getting laid, and looking for a real job that justifies my brilliance."

Kris and his was recently awarded the "Feng Shui" award by the Japanese web design consortium, and is featured on links world wide, including Tehran web, Al-Jazeera and el Capitano Brazilia. Kris hopes that one day, will be bigger than the Beatles.

Mark - Writer
Mark is an amateur writer/musician based in that Venice of the Northcoast, Cleveland, Ohio. Mark came to Smooth Operator in a trade for three goats and a toaster oven in mid-2003 and has written well over 150 articles for us since. Conversely, the three goats we traded to get him here have yet to grasp the English language. Mark is widely regarded as the Web's premier creative genius and isn't so humble that he won't point that out every chance he gets.

Forever grubbing a free buck and a cheap date, Motz spends most of his time "Writing, taste testing whisky, sleeping, and taste testing whisky some more."




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