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Pooping Dog Complicates Local Sandlot Pepper Ball Game
by Mark on 6/23/2007 (0)

TOLEDO, OH - An impromptu game of sandlot baseball between the Toledo Jr. Mudhens and the Sandusky Cove Crabbers was complicated, but not cut short, by a mad pooping dog, who dashed spuriously from the concession area and dropped a pungent land mine straight down the third base line, just askew of short. Jr. Mudhens third basemen Eddy Codge explains.

"This crazed little dog ripped out into the infield, snapped at my glove a few times, yapped obstinately a few times down at Doug Schenk at second, and pooped right there on the fringe there. No one in their right mind wanted to race out and pick it up, so we just played around it for 6 innings. It was a regular dodgeball tournament after that. Sure puts the "pepper" in pepper ball!""

The odiferous obstacle precipitated some of the greatest infield plays ever seen in the Toledo sandlot leagues, inciting great diving snares, titanic leaps and mighty stretches all designed to evade the fetid moldering mound, leading to great oohs and ahhs from a gawking and gaping bedazzled bleacher crowd.

"Eventually, our batboy, Jimmy Skufka, went and scooped it up, which would ultimately prove to be a bad move." Reflected Codge, sadly tipping his cap. "He was known as the Toledo crap boy forever after that."n

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