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First Lesbian Experience Leaves Local Gal Just Brimming Over With Empowerment
by Mark on 7/7/2007 (0)

I-I just feel so empowered! *sob!*
CHASTISE BAY, MA - 18 year old Chastise Bay resident Vanessa Gosling reported feeling "Spilling over with a sense of empowerment and clear direction of purpose", after her first lesbian experience with local 42 year old housewife Amanda Peers. Gosling explains.

"This is the defining moment of my life. Last night, my untethered, unbridled passions found their own way, and I no longer have any faint, ineffectual hesitant notions about my place on earth and the sublime force of desire that is the mentor of my life's hopes and dreams. There are no doors that can close before me. There are no glass ceilings above that can contain me. I am complete master and author of my own destiny, and the way is beckoning, inescapable and flawlessly clear. I-I feel so empowered!"

Amanda Peers, Gosling's lady lipstick fling, lit a smoke and tossed off, however, "eh, she's got a way to go before that happens. Her butterfly technique was amateurish at best, and she really, really needs a nipple ring."go

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