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Disgraced Idaho Senator Larry Craig Toilet Tryst Reveals He's A Democrat After All
by Mark on 9/2/2007 (0)

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea!
WASHINGTON - Punch drunk and reeling Idaho Senator Larry Craig's recent spurious gay tryst in a Minnesota airport restroom stall has prompted Craig to resign the GOP in disgrace and announce plans to join the Democratic party.

"Yes, yes, I-It's true...." sobbed Craig "I'm actually a Democrat after all, and have been hiding it since the 80's. I am seeking redemption by joining the Democratic ranks for the 2008 election year. I've already consulted with Hillary's people to decide on an appropriate change of orientation, so to speak, and perhaps even throw my hat in the 2008 presidential election, I'm down, no pun intended, but not pun intended again!"

No immediate word is out how the voting public will react to Craig's sudden shift of position, so to speak, but promises to at least touch toes with his proposal, so to speak againone">

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