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Does Nancy Pelosi Require Psychiatric Evaluation?
by Mark on 11/7/2007 (0)

Pelosi: Benign serenity or divine insanity?
Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters -Bob Dylan

Political orientation aside, (please observe this, hint, hint) it is becoming increasingly, not to mention rather disturbingly, apparent that newly appointed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not a well woman, based on her now all too familiar twisted verbal tirades and seemingly insane facial gesticulations associated with fulfilling her personal agenda(s), and what her view of America should be, and not what Americans want it to be.

I believe this woman to be mad. She is clearly mentally sick, and consumed by her private political dysphoria, indeed.

Should congress vote to pass a no-confidence measure against her, and remove her from her position until further professional evaluation is obtained? All pictures point to yes.u

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