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Barack Obama: I am NOT a Shemale
by Mark on 2/20/2008 (0)

Lick your lips, sweety, spring has sprung! Naah!
(AP) In a recent stacatto onslaught of acute verbiage that also encompasses whether Barack Obama was really raised in Indonesia in Muslim schools, (he was), or that his middle name just really might be 'Hussein', (it is), Barack Obama reassured gaping mouthed, trout-eyed followers that he is not a shemale, nor ever has been one, in spite of his delicate facial features and dainty, yet eloquent, personal affectations and mannerisms.

"No, no...I have always been a man, a real man. No. I mean yes." tickled Obama "Gender is merely a matter of semantics, anyway, and we want change, not semantics, right? Right!"

When prodded about the exact nature of Obama's oft recited notion of "change" Obama promised that "no surgery is involved, at least until after my big fat DNC shindig in June."?

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