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Is Nancy Pelosi Catalyzing a New Sino-American War?
by Mark on 3/23/2008 (0)

Nancy Pelosi goes to college, part 2.
Liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on her second spurious and folsom field trip, first to Syria to hob-knob and acknowledge the special emotional needs of Al-Qaeda, and now to morally throttle the Chinese for their military involvement in neighboring Tibet.

Let's read between the lines, here. Is her karma genuine, or is she merely exorcizing her undue power as House Speaker, ostensibly as America's clearly unofficial 'Human Rights Police' moral watchdog?

Signs point to the latter, of course, as is true with most bleeding hearts. Indeed, an insidious evil side lurks within Pelosi, one riddled with selfish power agenda and not human rights at all, it would seem. Furthermore, will her unofficial junket to Tibet spark a new Sino-American dysphoria unseen since the likes of the Korean War of the 1950's, and perhaps an outright military war with China as well? Only time, and more ultra-liberal politics, will tell. src

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