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Canned MySpace Party Pics Becoming National Fad
by Mark on 5/22/2008 (0)

MySpace profile pic? Oh no!
MySpace profile pic? You bet!
CANTON, OH -In an often desperate, more often cunningly contrived attempt to bolster ones MySpace clout and visibility, hundreds of thousands of less than regularly visited MySpace members are stretching to monumental lengths to obtain photos that suggest they are far more popular than they really are, according to Canton, Ohio, shutterbug Chuck Rambozo. Rambozo explains.

"Yeah, it's a real slug fest out there. Kids, err...and sometimes they're not even kids...are paying mondo bucks to have some really hot social shots taken of them. They prefer to pose with groups of really hot looking girls and guys to make them seem studlier or just more popular than they are in real life. I mean, I get kids who pay me to take pictures of them with their arms around models, kissing pretty girls, you name it, and, yeah, it's mostly the guys, but I get plenty of gals too. What people will do for popularity. Go figger."

Rambozo took a stack of photos from his desk and shuffled them like a pack of cards

This kid from Wisconsin paid me 250 bucks to pose with these two models in a bar scene setting. I provide the props. Kid's holding a beer in one hand and a babe or two in the other, and Presto! You've got game, MySpace style! Works every time!"

No word is out if the fantasy MySpace world translates into a more robust dating agenda in real life, but Rambozo shrugged "It really doesn't harm anyone. After all, your typical MySpace 'friend' is either some lipsticky tart in Kiev or a 50 year old gay guy from Oregon, so who cares? And it's a heck of a lot cheaper and easier than buying a new car and working out, anyhow!"

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