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Guy With Big Giant Head Laments Lifetime Of Presumed Super Brilliance
by Mark on 6/30/2008 (0)

Nooo, Once again, I don't do Boolean Algebra or Differential Equations...Next question!
CEREBELLUM, MS - Cerebellum, Mississippi, resident Robby Pons laments a lifetime of "gross prejudice and folsom type-casting" connecting his jutting, grossly distended cerebral cortex with a presumed natural scientific genius.

"Okay, okay. That's enough already." fitfully pleaded a weary headed Pons. "Just because I have a huge, lumbering head, doesn't mean I'm a super genius Mathematician or Physicist or something. I'm a elevator salesman, for craps sake, and a damn good one too!"

Pons recalled being typecast as a Braniac like super genius because of his substantial hat size since Kindergarten, citing "kids would ask me to do their Algebra homework, and give me their book reports to proof read and stuff. I think they presumed that I had a huge brain because of my super-sized cranium. It really got annoying, you know. Just because a guys got a heaving, Beluga Whale sized skull, doesn't mean you're the next Einstein. It's not like I wouldn't like it to be that way, but in my case it's just not."

Pons shares the distinguished ranks of 7'4" tall coworker Bud Philbrook who "Never played a freaking game of Basketball in my life, nor do I have any intention of starting now" and massive chested 42DD cup educational director Vanessa McDonald, who coyly confessed "Nooo, I've never done porn but I am open to any and all offers at this given point in time."tp

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