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Cornish Hen Named Most Annoying Poultry
by Mark on 7/9/2008 (0)

Where's da meat?!
A Gourmet Magazine poll recently named Cornish Hens The "most annoying of all edible poultry", primarily due to lengthy preparation time and scant edible meat content.

Gourmet Magazine writer Edna Shuttlecock elaborates:

"The Cornish Hen, whether stuffed with wild rice, red wine and chestnut filling, or butterflied with fine herbs a la gremolata, finished dead last because of the tiny amount of edible meat to bone proportion. Also taken into consideration is the preparation time factor, the diminutive size of Cornish Hen requiring almost jeweler like precision to prepare properly. The next bird in line was the duck, because of a fantastically high fat content, intrinsic gamey flavor content, and skewed meat-bone ratio. Small capons were next, mainly for aesthetic reasons (who really wants to eat a male bird?), followed by smallish soup chickens (way, way too fatty, to the point of absurdity)."

Shuttlecock paused, gesticulating quizzically

"On the positive side, large roaster chickens finished first because of mild flavor, versatility, low cost, low fat content, popular appeal and ease of preparation. Small to medium sized Turkeys finished second, for similar reasons, but with not quite the same popular flavor appeal, and the large cavity for ample amounts of stuffing being an obvious plus, followed by large 20 lb. plus mega Turkeys (trend toward dryness and you virtually need a crane to get them in and out of the oven, if they even fit.)

Specialty fowl, such as pheasant, snipe, quail, or pigeon were not included in the survey because "they tend to spill over into the phylum rodentia edible rodent category."

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