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Barack Obama First Order of Business: Dump Tired Black Wife For Some Smokin' Hot White Ass
by Mark on 11/8/2008 (1)

Hey, baby! C'mere an' give ol' Barackie some change I can believe in!
D.C. - Barack Obama spread his newly unfurled Presidential wings today by promising to make good on his highly advertised notion of change by "dumping the tired old house frau for some really top shelf white tail." Barack Describes:

"I'm talkin' change! Yeah that's right, people, real change! I'm talkin' about changing Michelle into a Monica Keena, or that speecy, spicy Baywatch package Simmone Mackinnon, or that perfect 10 Alice Taglioni with the great cans, or maybe even that totally hot, smokin' piece of ass, Angelina "Tombraider" Jolie! Now that's what change is all about, folks! Real, real change!"

No word is out from Michelle Obama regarding her husband's first Presidential mandate, or the rather telling, if not somewhat sardonic reality that successful black men seem to prefer white women, but Michelle shrugged and grinned "Imagine the alimony with two kids, Barack's income, plus I get the big house!"isplay:none

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1. by RhondaCoca on 12/7/2008 6:38:23 PM
If this was supposed to be satire, you failed miserably! Not only was it offensive but it was deeply hurtful and unnecessary!!!

As a young black women, I am tired of living in a society that finds humor in valuing me as a person. If you actually knew how it felt, this would not have been funny to you.

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