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Alzheimer Patients Donate Three Times as Much as Non-sufferers
by Kris on 1/2/2009 (0)

A new study by North Dakota A&M indicates that the most charitable people in the United States are those afflicted with the debilitating Alzheimer's disease. On average, healthy Americans who donate to charity give $1,800 a year while Alzheimer patients give nearly three times that amount.

"It was shocking to me how much money they gave. I think it says good things for society," North Dakota A&M marketing professor Jenny Wintersandwich told Smooth Operator.

In addition to their charitable nature, Alzheimer patients are also the most humble. Those patients in the study claimed only small portions of their donations as tax credits, rarely admitted to friends and family just how much they gave, and often denied that they donated money at all.

"I've never even given a dime to charity in my life," said longtime sufferer Jeremy Kelly, who in 2008 donated nearly half of his retirement salary and Social Security to a charity to find homes for abandoned weasels. In fact, he gave so much that he could not afford to pay his mortgage and the bank forclosed on his home.

But thanks to the generosity and sacrifice of people like Kelly, thousands of weasels now have homes. And at the end of the day, that's what really matters. "0" style="

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