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Barack Obama and the Poison Mushroom
by Mark on 1/23/2009 (0)

Beware, beware! There's witchcraft in the air!

The subtle, yet deadly effects of the poison mushroom are insidious and manifold. The poison mushroom allures and deceives. One may be tempted to partake in their heady, earthy aroma and savory flavor, but once the toxin enters the blood, it is far too late. The effects of the poison mushroom may not manifest for weeks after ingestion. Once the symptoms begin, the blood platelets separate from the serum, resulting in a protracted, agonizing death to the sufferer.

As Socialism creeps into American culture like a poison mushroom, Barack Hussein Obama serves up plate after plate with platitudes, smiles and reassurances of good cheer.

Socialism dumbs down and handcuffs a once vibrant, inventive, self-motivated and innovative society with handouts, slogans, ideologically perpetuating forced work programs and heavy handed regulations. Once Socialism takes hold, it is nearly impossible to root out and destroy as it dissolves a former excellent, upright and once sentient society from within.

Beware, beware! There's witchcraft in the air! h="0"

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