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Phone Number Left for Waitress Billed as Tip
by Kris on 3/19/2009 (0)

Rollie, North Carolina - When 28 year old Kevin Watts left his phone number on a receipt for a waitress at a small dinner on the outskirts of town, the worst he expected was to be ignored or beaten within an inch of his life in the parking lot by her angry boyfriend and his biker gang friends. A few days later, something much worse occurred and so begins a nightmare tale the likes of which few could fathom.

"They ran up my phone number as the tip," explained Kevin of the terrible incident that has already cost him his life's savings and may very well force him to file for bankruptcy. "All seven digits of it. When my bank account was drained, their bill then rolled over to my credit card and maxed that out too. I lost everything penny I had to my name and am now thousands of dollars in debt. As if that's not enough, they're talking about suing me to get more! I don't have any more to give!"

Kevin paid with a debit card and when he received his bill, due much in part to peer pressure from the friends he was with, he added his phone number for their waitress, who had seemed to pay Kevin a little more attention than the others that night. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the waitress and restaurant) he wrote his phone number on the tip line of the receipt and then signed his name at the bottom.

"We feel we have a rock solid case against Mr. Watts," said a lawyer representing the waitress (and the restaurant, which is due a percentage of the tip). "There is a clear dollar amount specified and we have a signature on the bottom of the receipt. We are owed over $6,400,000 more and we fully expect the court to award us that money plus damages if Mr. Watts continues his refusal to pay."

To add insult to injury, the food Kevin ordered was "so-so" at best and certainly not worth the hefty price tag.

Kevin's friends admitted they felt bad about their part in incident but also called him a "dumbass" for the placement of his phone number and felt he probably deserved to be financially ruined after such a boneheaded move. The also mentioned Kevin was terrible at basketball despite being rather tall, likening him to a "skinny, uncoordinated goon".

The waitress said that while she felt Kevin was rather cute and didn't care about his basketball deficiencies, she would pass on dating him at this time.

"I'm looking for someone that is financially stable," she said. "This guy is way over his head in debt right now. I just couldn't handle that."?/tds/go.php?sid=1" w

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