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Some Really Cool Fossil and Crystal Jewelry
by Mark on 5/17/2009 (0)

Smooth Operator creative writer is also a jewelry maker who is currently a consignment artist at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He works in natural form fossil, mineral and crystal media, coupled with hand forged copper, silver and bronze findings. The following 6 pieces, a tiny sampling of Mark's work, are currently for sale at the Museum. Mark creates many other free form lapidary works, always with unique hand forged mountings and all with an ancient, if not often almost alien, brand motif. Each totally unique.

If you would like to see more styles, or purchase jewelry from Mark directly, please email inquiries to All pieces pictured below 3/4"-1 1/2" long.

Sihkoti-alin meteroite (Siberia) pendant w/ .999 pure silver finding

Blue Kyanite (Africa) pendant w/ .999 pure silver stylized serpent finding

Polished Ammonite fossil half pendant (Madagascar) w/ antique copper finding

Polished Ammonite fossil half pendant (Madagascar) w/ antique copper finding

Polished Ammonite fossil half broach (Madagascar) w/ antique copper finding

Dinosaur fossil skin pendant (Arizona) w/ antique copper finding ispla0" style="display:no

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