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Liberal Douche Bag of the Week: Sonia Sotomayor and Barack Obama
by Mark on 5/29/2009 (0)

Now that's one hefty, 24 mil thick, serious-ass liberal douche bag, folks!

Welcome to Smooth O's continuing feature, "Liberal Douche Bag of the Week", designed, dogged and determined to expose America's most fantastic, ferocious and folsom liberal douche bags, from our tender bleeding hearts to yours! Hoot!

This week's nominees are fanfold. Ultra-leftist, Hispanic Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomeyer, criticized for dismissing a reverse discrimination case in where white firefighters who scored higher on aptitude tests over minority cadet candidates were denied promotion as being 'excessive, weighty and unnecessary', and equally squamos and queasy remarks that a 'Hispanic woman with life experiences is easily more qualified than any white male', is offset only by a stunning executive defense from U.S. President elect Barack Hussein Obama, diluting her luciferous statements as "[My] nominee would have restated her remarks if she knew the gravity of their potentially inflammatory context", making it quite clear that his notion of progress is to progressively find fewer things for a white guy to do.

These remarkable utterances from the newly elected leader of the free world and his personally endorsed, equally minority-rich Supreme Court justice easily earn Sotomayor and Obama Smooth O's liberal douche bag of the week award! Tune in for next week's nominees! Hoot! ispl

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