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Many Americans Still Think They Elected Denzel Washington as President
by Mark on 6/11/2009 (0)

I'm the Whiz, and nobody beats me!

(AP) A recent Reuters poll showed that 63 percent of Americans who think that Denzel Washington is doing a 'satisfactory job' as the President of the United States are still unaware that Barack Obama, and not Denzel Washington, is the current President of the United States.

"Barack who?" sharply quizzed jazzed and baffled Georgia teenage voter Amanda E. Zollicofer. "I voted for Denzel, not some creepy Obama whosoever, and think he is terrific and dreamy, and will vote for him again in 2012. I was so moved by his iron man-like persona and seizing eloquent rethoric in The Great Debaters, I mean, how could I not vote for this humble yet defiant maverick for President? It was a no brainer, mine included!

No word is out if Barack Obama's thinly veiled, yet starkly overlooked, media spawned popularity and happy and timely resemblance to Denzel Washington will continue to serve him in 2012, but Obama winked and wryly quipped "Howdy Doody got Ronald Reagen elected twice in the 80's, so I'll just look at the camera and keep on snickering!"ig

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