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Barack Obama: America's First 'Special Needs' President
by Mark on 7/3/2009 (0)

Easy as ABC...

(AP) A recent third party analysis of the stunning emergence and election of leftist minority candidate Barack Obama has subsequently identified him as America's first "special needs President", according to Libertarian pundit Gerry "Germano" Wineskin. Wineskin explains:

"From the outside looking in, the appeal is clear. Obama is the natural choice for those Americans who cannot balance a checkbook, sign sober mortgage or credit card loans, institute sexual temperance and subsequent family planning, conquer their substance abuse dilemmas, hold down a full-time job longer than 6 months, practice effective communication skills or take basic education seriously enough to even finish high school. I think that most Obama voters have thrown in the towel at any chance at self-determination or self-discipline, and clearly require a deep voiced, highly masculine father figure and cursory 'bail out boss' to bitch slap them back into some illusory sense of reality and fund their bad life's choices through insane, exhorbant taxation. I guess that someone will have to pay for this, and those who will are the normally disciplined faction of American society, both liberal and conservative, who planned out their lives more efficiently and free from fatal compulsive passions. Truly sad to see."

When asked at what point Americans became dumbed down and at loss for mature behavior, Wineskin added "About the same time that Lady Gaga got some 62 million hits on youtube for a mondo skanko quasi-ghetto hip-hop orgy, or thereabouts."n

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