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Kris Kross Reunites as Wendy's Employees
by Kris on 11/10/2009 (0)

Which one is Kris and which one is Kross?
Atlanta, Georgia - Once two of rap's youngest rising stars, the fashionably challenged duo known as Kris Kross quickly faded from the public eye. Their first album sold over four million copies but subsequent follow-ups never achieved such success and they disbanded after releasing their third album in 1996.

In news that has both remaining Kriss Kross fans giddy with glee, Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith are now reunited again, abet under different circumstances.

"The Daddy Mac has been working here for nearly six months and has proven himself a valuable addition to the team," said Wendy's store manager Brian Jones. "Based on his recommendation and my love for the song Jump, it only made sense to hire the Mac Daddy too."

Currently the Daddy Mac works the drive-thru lanes, taking orders and delivering food to hungry Wendy's patrons. The Mac Daddy has taken on the responsibility of cooking anything that requires deep frying, namely French fries and chicken strips, though he hopes one day to be able to work either the drive-thru or front counter.

"I've always liked the spotlight, that's why I want to get out of the kitchen and in front of the people," the Mac Daddy told Smooth Operator.

Rumors spread in 2007 that the Daddy Mac and the Mac Daddy could be reuniting for a new album but the rumors never materialized. This latest grouping of the two men together in a fast food workplace could ultimately be what brings about a new album filled with some rather interesting new material.

"Me and the Mac Daddy, back together and rapping about our day jobs at Wendy's, that could be really great," said the Daddy

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