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Newly Discovered T-Rex Cousin Enjoyed Romantic Walks on the Beach
by Kris on 12/11/2009 (0)

Lovely day for a walk on the beach with you.
Mexico, New - Recently bones of a new species of dinosaur closely related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex were discovered in a mass gravesite in New Mexico. Named "Tawa hallae", the ancient Viking word for "Smooth Operator Rules", this dinosaur was six feet long, had large claws, lived 214 million years ago, and enjoyed long, romantic walks on the beach.

"Our first indication of Tawa's passion for walks on the beach came when we found lots of sand stuck between its claws," said University of Austin, Massachusetts professor Allen Hamsandwhich.

The sand was enough to make an assumption while fossilized side-by-side footprints backed that assumption up, but the real proof came with more in-depth studies of the genetic makeup of the Tawa.

"The tawa has many Beachasaurus-like qualities, such as wide feet that would be great for balancing in wet sand, interlocking claws that would be ideal for holding the claws of a loved one, an enlarged 'caring' section of the brain, and serrated teeth that would be great for devouring unsuspecting prehistoric seagulls," said Hamsandwhich.

Several fossilized Tawa skeletons were found at the site in New Mexico, tiny arms locked together with eyes fixed longingly toward the ocean.

"Clearly the species had become stranded in New Mexico, far away from the beaches that they had known and loved," said Hamsandwhich. "We are unsure how this occurred but it no doubt spelled the end for the entire species. They could no longer go on living after losing the thing in their lives they loved the most."

This surprising discovery has scientists worldwide research numerous crazy ideas about dinosaurs that are back by only the thinnest of speculation... Did stegosauruses like icecream? Can velociraptors break-dance? Was Family Matters the most popular show in the Mesozoic Era? Soon, we will finally know.

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