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Local Man Drinks Stacker 6 Hour Energy Drink, Pisses Most Out Later
by Mark on 10/17/2010 (0)

yeah, thatsa about it...

LIME, OH – Lime Ohio resident Bud David Herman drank a Stacker 6 hour energy shot obtained at a local Starvin’ Marvin’ gas station, and sadly ‘pissed out most of the copious B vitamins and superfluous nutrients mere hours later’.

“I buy these things based on big numbers, percentage wise”. slurped Herman “These things got 14,000% Vitamin B 6, 5000% B 12, and enough Niacin and Vitamin C to keep the Rickets and Scurvy away from 100 emaciated Yap Islanders for a month, but I didn’t realize that my own body can only absorb 100% of them and eliminate the rest. Seems like a big waste to me.”

In fact most energy shot enthusiasts are oblivious to this fact, that ingesting more than 100% of any nutrient is above and beyond what is needed, and excess is handily eliminated by the liver and kidneys, and that mega doses of some nutrients, such as Niacin, are actually dangerous to one’s health.

“I only uses em' when I really needs em’.” chirped Herman “As far as the excess goes, I’m guessing we got some really stacked fish in Lake Erie, for sure!”

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