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DUI ‘Party Plates’ Becoming National Fad
by Mark on 10/20/2010 (0)


(AP) A Rasmussen Polls survey among young adults aged 17-45 has revealed that 78 percent of respondents think that those oversize, brightly hued orange and purple DUI offender license plates, a.k.a. “Party Plates” are a valuable social status symbol. 18 year old poll respondent Chelsea Malachi describes.

“Those plates are ssooo awesome! They’ve got ‘partay phreak’ written all over them!" Burbled Malachi “They say, hey, like this guy rocks so hard the whole world hasta know it, and facebook just isn’t big enough! Or, I'm either totally toasted or paging Dr. Jones! Or this girl puts in, pimps out and pumps up all at one time without a swizzle stick! Total freak! They are sooo hot! I want to buy a set now!

The Department of Motor Vehicles has effectively outlawed issuing party plates as pay-per-set vanity plates but wryfully reminded “You can still earn a set. Reservations available at a beverage store, bar or strip club near you!”

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