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'What Is A Darwin Deez' Keeps Most Of World Guessing
by Mark on 1/6/2011 (0)

Dat's Deez!!
INTERNET – Indie musician Darwin Deez has raised more than a few eyebrows nationwide, mainly as to who, or more specifically what, a Darwin Deez really is.

"I think he’s that schmo who invented talking golf balls” Speculated New York resident Jerry Kramer “You know, those crazy gag balls that say things like 'You’re playin’ army golf…Left! Right! Left!', or 'You’re under more balls than a midget hooker!' and the like when you shake em’, or maybe those pocket vaginas...unsure..."

“Nahhh…" corrected New Orleans resident Breaux Babineaux “Das dat ol’ Darwin Deez who own dat Boudin stand on Bourbon street! Best dang’ Smokey Boudin, Dirty Rice and King Cake in N’orleans! Hisself and his wife Camille, dey gumbo all dat an' mo' all day long, aoight! Hooo-weee!”

Noted Physicist Steven Hawking described Darwin Deez as “Google to the Google power. A very large number unobtainable in the real Universe, but not the imaginary, at least in my clearly superior one, that is.”

The Webster describes Darwin Deez as ‘That last chewy residue of cheese left over in the pizza box. A toothsome confection. Mucilage. Sticky latex sap. Black liqourice. Gumshoe.'

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