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Obama Polls Surge Upwards as Obama Becomes More and More Conservative
by Mark on 1/24/2011 (0)

How low can you go?!
A recent Rasmussen poll clicked President elect Barack Hussein Obama in at a majority 52 percent approval rating, the highest since 2009. Politico pundit Henry Messenger explains the sudden favorable shift.

“Quite simply, Obama’s poll numbers are rising as some of the soft line center leaning conservatives perceive that he (Obama) is himself gliding gingerly, yet perceptibly, to the right. How much remains to be seen, but the far career left is certainly not as pleased as most Americans are, as the prospects of a true socialist system superseding the reigning capitalist one fade with every ticking second. In fact, Obama had no choice but to morph to partial conservativism simply because of the 2010 midterm elections. He has no choice but to modify his leftist stance on all issues to prevent a total logjam in congress for the next 2 years.”

When asked how far right Obama might go, Messenger quipped “with the sordid lack of viable conservative candidates in 2012, some people just might do anything to win, and he already did that in 2008, and I personally think the guy’s a conservative sheep in liberal clothing anyway. Wrap me up in a multi-million dollar mansion and 3000 dollar Armani suits and call me the American Mao any day!”

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