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Most Observers a Little Shaky on Ragtag Libyan Rebels
by Mark on 4/3/2011 (0)

Allahoo Mukklebar!!
(AP) A Recent Rasputin poll showed that 87 percent of Americans “lack basic confidence” in Libyan rebels attempting to overthrow long standing dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Rasputin analyst Brian Brain explains :

“Well, as the cliché’ goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A haggardly clutch of ragtag masked Arabs driving around in a Toyota pickup with a .50 caliber machine gun mounted in the bed and revolutionary slogans hastily spray painted on the fender, well, errr…doesn’t exactly smack of professionalism or confidence. I’m not sure who these guys are, or where this mess is going, but I’m guessing we’ll find out, like it or not.”

A further 82 percent of Americans compare the invasion of Libya to the invasion of Iraq, and 78 percent polled are comparing Obama’s actions with his predecessors, George W. Bush. A solid 96 percent claim to be tired of Obama, Bush, Palin, Bieber, Fergie, Wanda Sykes, Pelosi, youtube, one dollar menus, America, life, Japanese cars, bawdy facebook profile pics, other peoples cultures, races and religions in general and a unanimous 100 percent agree to be overwhelmingly sick of polls.

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