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Rubber ducks to hit land; Man finally selects career
by Mark on 7/14/2003 (0)

Rubber ducky, you're the yada yada yada.
After being thrown from a container ship in the North Atlantic fourteen years ago, tens of thousands of floating duck bathtub toys, some circumventing the Atlantic perimeter, are finally predicted to make landfall on a New England beach next week. Some of the ducks, bleached by the sun and sea from their lengthy meandering voyage, reached into the Arctic Circle, Iceland, Northern Europe and S. America, before returning to the North American coast.

In a related event, Lou "Slugman" Virostik, after 87 community college quarter hours spread out over 14 years, 15 temporary jobs, and an aborted engagement, has announced a decisive career path. Lou reflects:

"I spent a lot of time drifting about and thinking."

The rubber ducks, already a novelty, are expected to be plucked from the sea and sold as souvenirs.

"At least that's my plan." Lou ponders.

"I'll put them on E-bay as soon as I get my AOL account up to date."

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