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Foibles of Faketown
by Mark on 3/31/2004 (0)

Is it live, or is it surgeon X?
Q&A sources from and

What motivates women to want bigger breasts?

The vast majority of patients are motivated by the basic desire to look "normal". They may want their clothing to fit better, they may want to fill out a shirt or bathing suit better. Most patients seeking breast enlargement, or augmentation, are typically fiat-chested or small-breasted and wear bras with a B cup or less. Either their breasts never developed completely or their breasts may have shrunk substantially after they stopped breast-feeding. Most women who are self-conscious about their unusually small breasts, elect to move from an A or AA cup to a B cup, or from a B to a C cup. They want breast implants to attain a more proportional figure and to improve their self-image. The change is usually moderate - not extreme. It is not about trying to look like Dolly Parton. Or Pamela Anderson...

Aside from actresses and models, the only other major group seeking larger than average breasts are exotic dancers. These women, many of whom already wear a C cup, want, to fill a D cup or larger. Their primary motivation is usually money; not surprisingly, exotic dancers with bigger breasts usually get bigger tips.

History of Breast implants

The history of breast implants stretches back over a century, including a number of advances in surgical technique. Throughout the history of breast implants, doctors have attempted to balance aesthetics with safety.

During the earliest days of the history of breast implants, a number of different materials were used to augment the breasts. According to records, the history of breast implants involved the use of paraffin injected into the breast. Complications with this earliest attempt in the history of breast implants soon led to the use of glass and ivory balls, although infections were common throughout the early history of breast implants. Following World War II, Japanese prostitutes who were trying to attract American servicemen revolutionized the history of breast implants by having silicone injected into their breasts. Silicone is often considered crucial to the history of breast implants; it was both extremely appealing aesthetically and among the most debated materials in the history of breast implants. The early use of injected silicone caused a number of health problems, and the history of breast implants took a detour when injectable silicone was banned in the United States. The modern history of breast implants begins in 1962, with a silicone implant procedure. For the first time in the history of breast implants a silicone envelope filled with silicone gel was used in a breast augmentation. The checkered history of breast implants is full of advances and complications, but the new silicone implants changed the history of breast implants forever—they were wildly popular and the envelope design was the first one in the history of breast implants to provide a somewhat natural shape and feel.

What is the cost of breast-augmentation surgery?

Average surgeons' fees range from $3,000 to $5,000, in 1999 according to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons the national average was $2,984. But remember, this is only the surgeon's fee. You will be charged an additional $1,000 or so for a pair of implants. Anesthesia fees run from about $800 to $1.200, and the operating room will cost you another<

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