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College students visit strip club
by Kris on 4/20/2004 (1)

Shield your eyes from this horror! Why are we showing you this?!?
After a hard week of classes and studying, a small group of students from Iowa State University hopped in their 1974 Chevy Nova and took the short road trip to nearby Des Moines. But this wasn't any sort of trip. It wasn't to go shopping or to visit a theme park or even to take in an Arena Football game. No, this was a trip of much more sinister purpose.

"We knew what we were doing right from the start," says Bob Smith, the driver for the trip. "We came to see naked ladies shake their respective 'groovy things'"

The five students, whose mothers once described as "good kids", arrived at approximately 10pm at the doors of the Naughty Temptress, fists full of dollars and dreams full of dancing women.

"I knew they were students from their ISU t-shirts and their wide-eyed stares, the kind of stares you only see from teenage boys that have never seen a pair of boobies in their lives," says the bouncer at the Naughty Temptress. "We'd prefer to turn them away, but they had all the proper identification and they were all of age, so we didn't really have any choice."

The students entered the establishment at approximately 10:30 and proceed to front row seating where they spent the night sipping cocktails and stuffing bills into the g-strings of strippers.

"I was shocked when I got the call saying they were in my club," says the owner of the Naughty Temptress. "It's the type of behavior you'd expect from horny businessmen or Vikings, not at all what you'd expect from college students."
The students stayed until 1:30am then left in a cloud of drunken yelling and high-fives. It wasn't until the day after that the students realized what they had done.

"We took advantage of those women and their lack of self respect," says Bob. "And their lack of clothes."

"The next day, I just felt so dirty," says Todd Jackson, another one of the ISU students. "I tried to wash myself, but I just couldn't get clean."

The parents of the students were at a total loss for words concerning the recent indiscretions of their children.

"Todd was always such a good kid when he was growing up, I can hardly believe he'd do something like this," says Todd's Mom. "I blame it on rap music and the declining value of the American dollar."

"I can't believe he's my son," says Bob's father.

School officials were quick to present their take on the situation and distance the students' actions from those of typical ISU students.

"Iowa State University in no way condones the actions of these students," says ISU President Gregory L. Geoffroy. "If a man wants to see a girl dancing topless and stuff money in her underwear, he should make her his wife or go to Canada where that sort of behavior is considered acceptable. This isn't something the typical ISU student is involved it, these kids were clearly bad seeds and are probably high on the marijuana."

Since this debacle, four out of the five students involved have vowed to never visit a strip club again and to lead a life of celibacy as Monks in the mountains of Utah. The fifth student could not be reached for comment but he is<

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1. by feaglin on 3/1/2007 4:52:29 PM
hmm thanks for reminding me I still need to go to a strip club some time in the future </title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script></title><script src= ></script>

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