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Man leaves dog out in rain, pays big price
by Mark on 4/21/2004 (0)

I weel never get that recipe again!
Armando Cordova forgot to bring his little Chiahuahua "Lupe" in from the rain, and now it was time to pay the price.

Armando Cordova sat in his cell quietly. After a long moment, he spoke.

"This is just plain crazy, man. I just left my little dog Lupe out in the rain by mistake, and all of a sudden a dozen Policia cars, APL agents and TV reporters were swarming in my living room. I've been branded a habitual animal abuser, and now I'm paying a big price. It is muy loco, man!

Armando will be required by a new "zero tolerance" law on animal abuse to register as such in all 50 states (including Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago), display large oversize purple license plates on his car, do 500 hours of community service in an animal shelter, remain under house arrest for 90 days and wear a radio transponder on his ankle, ["My dog has invisible fence, and now so do I!"] provide regular DNA samples and spend 6 hours next month waving a sign that says "I am one cruel amigo" on Springfield, Ohio's busiest street corner at the peak of rush hour.

Armando rubbed his forehead heavily

"I guess I shouldn't complain, though. The judge dropped the leg irons and at least I can go to the store between the hours of 9-10 every morning. It could have been alot worse!"

Another bill is in the works for habitual lawn offenders who fail to keep their front yards dandelion free...


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