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by Mark on 5/21/2004 (0)

Fantasia space babe from Neptune. 7th stone from the sun cold!
So what's in the future for Bo-Bo? Here's some thoughts...

Already regarded by industry moguls as a Super Star, Fantasia of American Idol part III was unanimously described as a "triple threat" by Randy, Paula and Simon. So what's in the future for Bo-Bo?

1. Singing latex space babes from Neptune: Warming the icy chill of distant planet Neptune, Bo-Bo and her entourage of latex space babes blast and sing their way through the solar system. Don't expect too much dialouge here, just lots of croonin', cleavage and Captain Dirk! The fate of Neptune is at stake, and if no one cared about the fate of Neptune before, they will now!

2. Bo-Bo and the Pussycats: A real life interpretation of 'Josie and the Pussycats' Bo-Bo and her blonde side kicks take to the streets of Manhattan to fight crime with musical justice and dangerously short Tigerella skirts. The 30 minute show will consist of 8 minutes of weakly structured plot and 20 minutes of highly produced MTV style hippin' and hoppin', leaving 2 minutes for commercials. Can't get enough Bo-Bo? This kitties for you!

3. Judge Fantasia: Fantasia takes to the bench, teaching respect the old fashioned way, ala Arethta Franklin, setting the nation's wayward youth straight with a little 60's revival R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Bo-Bo starts each case in black robes, which peel off to reveal shimmering silk and sequins when the jury starts puttin' down the rythym. No losers in Bo-Bo's court, only grinners!

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