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Critical typo found in Clinton book
by Mark on 6/22/2004 (0)

Back to the publisher!
A close examintion of Bill Clinton's autobiography reveals an embarrassing flaw

A red faced Bill Clinton slammed down a copy of his autobiography, 'My Life', squeezing his eyeballs

"I'd like to think the publisher would get it right. This is a serious piece of literature. This isn't a silly vanity quest, I was the President of the United States, Goddamn it!"

Clinton pointed out several high lighted excerpts from his book, one reading:

'When I first met Hillary Rodham, I knew I had found the love of my lifetime. I gently kissed her and whispered that she was my density'

'My Life' publisher, Alfred Knopf, scoffed at the accusation, retorting

"If writing a 983 page sleeping pill of self indulgent landfill that lacks salacious details wasn't Bill's density, I not sure what is."

Barnes and Noble have no current plans to recall the book.

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