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Do you have Spidey Sense? part 1
by Mark on 7/4/2004 (0)

Radioactive or not, here I come!
Do you have Spidey Sense? take the test and find out!

1. How do you know when the electric bill is due?

A. You switch on the lights and nothing happens.
B. You find last month's soggy electric bill on your tree lawn.
C. You paid the gas bill last month instead.
D. You turn the gas on and nothing happens.

2. How do you know when to put gasoline in your car?

A. The 'fuel' indicator lights up and you rumble to a stop.
B. You just spent the last three dollars to your name on a breakfast chimichanga.
C. The clerk at your regular gas station has gotten another job.
D. The gas stains on your pants have finally evaporated.

3. How do you know when to buy a new pair of shoes?

A. Your coworkers comment that you look like you're walking on the angled deck of a ship.
B. You're not sure if your shoes were originally velcro or laced.
C. Your socks have holes in them.
D. Your naked heels are sticking out through the back.

4. How do you know it's time for a haircut?

A. Your boss leaves a copy of the company dress code policy on your desk.
B. You start eye balling 70's disco fashion clothes at the mall.
C. You brush your hair instead of your teeth before you go to sleep.
D. You start empathizing with long haired shaggy dogs like Afghans and Golden Retrievers.

5. How do you know when it's time to cut the lawn?

A. You've used the gas for the mower in your car.
B. All that you can see is the ears of rabbits.
C. Your neighbor cuts the 6 inch strip that is on his side of the property line.
D. Your Kentucky blue grass flowers and goes to seed.

If you answered yes or no to any of the above, or even finished this dopey article, you have Spidey Sense!0"

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