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Selected Shorts part 2
by Mark on 7/11/2004 (0)

Prime example of Trollus Vulgaris
Here are a few classic threads from Yahoo! message boards that are worth reprinting. NOTE: They have not been edited in any fashion. The names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

The following threads are part of a special election year edition, designed to restore your faith in the Democratic process, as if you had any to begin with.

Original thread title: Just saw Fahrenheit 9-11: brilliant film

Poster #1 I just saw Farenheit 9/11 this afternoon. WOW, what a powerful film! Most of the folks in the rather full theatre where I saw it seemed to be anti-Bush anyway, judging from all the applause at the end of the film. Still, some of what was presented was extremely thought-provoking, if not downright shocking. Most (all?) Republicans that I know, however, won't see it (they don't want to face the truth, I guess)....but that won't stop them from slamming it as anti-American (which it most certainly is not).

Bottom line, though -- anyone even considering a vote for Bush in November after seeing this movie most definitely has a screw loose! It was partisan, yes, but also very convicing and persuasive. I'm thankful we live in a country where a film maker is allowed to do this without risk of execution!

Poster #2 LOL...are you really that stupid? What's your opinion of Peter Pan the movie...LOL

Poster #3 a film made by a lard a$$ who travels to other countries blaming america for everything that's wrong in the world and 4 days after 911 said that we were to blame. let's see... anti bush, partisan but oh it's honest and factual. whatever moron (dem), you believe the mullah of misinformation if you want. if you vote for a socialist like kerry you have more than a screw loose... you have your head up your a$$.

Poster #4 Ha ha, Step up repub bitch, you guys are all fvcked up. How the hell can you down this movie when you are an American. It just shows the comie side of your stupid asses.

Poster #3 the only bitch around here is your mother...but she can't talk now her mouth is full. i said i didn't agree with moore or the film, i never said he didn't have a right to make it you stupid a$$. so pull your head out of your boyfriends a$$, and think before you run your cack holster. beeyotch!

Poster #4 Like I said, step up you comie fvcker. I am so tired of your ranting and raving. If you repubs would just go out and get some pvssy once in a awhile you wouldnt be so frustrated.

Krikers! Notice how things deteriorated at the end, there. Head for the hills this November, and that's no foolin'! Here's another:

Original thread title: I THINK I SPEAK FOR ALL AMERICANS

Poster #1 when I say "God Bless You, John F. Kerry!

Poster #2 Yes for letting everyone see what a SELF-SERVING @HOLE YOU REALLY ARE.You make voting for Bush an easy choice.

Poster #3 Sorry junior
But MOST Americans know the only self serving a$$wipe we know is bush. My point is that Bush is a lying crook. More and more evidence turns up every day.

Poster #4 But Kerry has promised to raise our taxes. I don't want my taxes raised. I pay a lot already.


Poster #1 thats impossible!!! they don't have brains ;)


Listen up, America! Tensions are running high this election year, perhaps at an unprecedented historical level and no matter who wins in November certainly won't spell the end of it, that's for sure. Well, that's it for Selected S

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