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Paris and Nicole get away with murder
by Mark on 7/17/2004 (0)

We're hot. Yeah, hot...
Wanker County, Arkansas Sheriff Billy Ray Kuder puffed loudly, angrily shaking his head.

"Seems that Paris and Nicole got mixed up with a Boudin sausage maker outside of town, and things got out of hand."

Kuder shuffled through a stack or forensic photos showing a man strangled with his own natural casings

"I guess the sausage man got a bit surly when the gals made a mess and mockery of his family business, and rejected his Southern romantic type advances, which I admit are a bit rough and tumble by Yankee standards, by the way."

'The Simple Life' producer Jonathan Murray blustered

"I-I didn't think it would go this far. We all knew that two sexy young, hyper-flirtatious porn-star blondes could get away with murder...but not with murder, for chrissake!"

Charges against the girls were eventually dropped, however, after a closed meeting between them and several Wanker county prosecuters.

Paris and Nicole looked at eachother quizzically

"I guess we got away with murder."
"I guess..."
"That's hot..."
"Yeah, that's hot..."

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