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Woman kicking crap out of every man in sight
by Mark on 8/1/2004 (0) spread your legs a little wider!
Toledo, Ohio office worker Myra Stone, recently graduated from a local Community Center sponsored women's self-defense course, has been accused of taking her newly developed skills too far. Her Husband Eddy explains:

"It all started last month. Myra was the victim of a purse snatching after buying a Polish boy outside of Tony Packo's restaurant in downtown Toledo, and vowed never to be victimized by a man again. She completed the course, and was really hepped up and excited, but then things quickly got out of hand."

Stone tells of his wife being arrested for breaking the thumb of a hot dog vendor offering her a bottle of ketchup, kicking a Walmart cart boy in the groin, and breaking the noses of three Hari Krishnas, two Moonies and a Rustafarian at Cleveland Hopkins airport, all in a neat little row.

Stone shuffled his feet uneasily

"I-I know the terrifying purse snatching prompted all of this, but I think Myra's new found power has gone to her head, and she just likes kicking the crap out of unsuspecting men for the sheer fun and revenge factor of it."

Myra was expected to be released from jail this Monday, and could not be reached for comment.

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