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Arkansas cop accused of being taser happy
by Mark on 8/18/2004 (0)

"Freeze!...I mean arrrggh!!"
LITTLE ROCK, AR -Arkansas state trooper Billy Beauford was called before a state board investigative committee for allegedly abusing a so called 'non-injurous crime deterrent' device, or commonly, taser.

Beauford nervously flipped a tooth pick between his teeth

"I was jest following orders. The aftermath of the Rodney King beating left law enforcement with the seemingly impossible task of apprehending dangerous suspects without the use of lethal force. I have a gun, and I ain't supposed to use it. I like to think I was jest being overly nice, that's all."

A squad car dash cam revealed Beauford apprehending suspected speeder Walter Watts after a routine traffic stop

"Keep your hands flat on the hood, Mr. Watts, and don't move. I don't want to taser you!"

"I-I'm not moving sir, I just want to get my wallet out of..."
"Ayep! I saw your hands move! Remain still!"
"I saw that! Your lips moved! Freeze!"
"I'm frozen sir! I-I'm totally frozen! I can't possibly freeze any further!! S-Somebody please help..."

The next frame on the dash tape shows Beauford firing the taser's twin electrodes into Watt's back, who crumpled into a quivering mass of wasted jelly on the grassy highway berm.

Watts, traveling 36 in a 35 mph zone, and without any prior record, was not Beauford's first questionable taser recipient. Over a dozen detailed reports described Beauford as a taser happy mad man who zapped everyone or thing in sight, including J-walking pedestrians, office workers smoking indoors, skateboarding teenagers and even dogs without leashes.

When confronted with the possibility that he liked to provoke conflict with innocent civilians merely to gain sadistic pleasure by tasering them and watching them writhe in agony, Beauford cracked a sly grin

"You gotta put the 'force' in 'enforcement' somehow, dontcha'?"

Upon being stripped of his taser, Beauford was reminded by senior officers the 'fun' in 'fundamentals' only applies to free donuts, paid golf outings with the mayor, and unauthorized overtime.

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