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Employer urges staff to flush toilets, most comply
by Mark on 8/24/2004 (0)

24 karat bowl. Going in style.
ORLANDO, FL -Powerpac Conveyor, a maker of computer controlled industrial conveyor systems, announced a successful campaign aimed at urging employess to flush toilets after use

PPC president Dave Robinson recalls

"It became a huge problem, and we weren't sure how to approach it, either. First thing I did was to install use-to-flush ratio sensors in all of the stalls, and was shocked to discover that only 42 percent of all men flushed after use, compared with 93 percent of women. Urinal flushing was not tabulated."

Robinson took a few memos out of his desk drawer

"It was clear that failure-to-flush was mainly a male generated problem, so I decided to offer incentives for 'perfect flushers' including cash bonuses, instant lottery tickets, and free sports equipment discount vouchers."

The 'flushed with success' program also included super gluing a quarter to toilet handles, rigging an arcade style ticket dispenser that rewards every flush with 5 tickets redeemable in the snack commissary, and an Al Bundy inspired 'golden bowl' award for top flushers

Robinson gleefully observes

"Compliance is now at a near perfect 94 percent. I couldn't be happier!"

Robinson is now attacking the vexing dilemma of trying to keep employees from stealing each others staplers, cubicle flatulence, and secretive swapping out of shorted telephone handsets and headsets."0"

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