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Homeless man charged with cruelty to animals
by Mark on 8/24/2004 (0)

The homeless: Man's worst friend.
DOWNTOWN DETROIT, MI -Homeless American Larry Siefert, has been charged with cruelty to animals for apparently allowing his pet beagle mix to become sick and malnourished.

ASPCA spokeswoman Linda Kral describes the deplorable situation.

"The poor dog, a beagle collie mix, was at least 20 lbs underweight, and had a variety of life threatening conditions, including worms, an ear infection and severe dehydration. I am absolutley apalled that mister Siefert could allow this to happen, and hope an appropiate punishment is levied against him. There is no place in a civilized society for this sort of deplorable neglect."

Siefert, a diagnosed schizophrenic, is apparently ineligible for Social Security benefits or Medicaid because of a virtualy non existent work record due to his illness, and was described by examining nurses as "at least 20 lbs underweight, suffering from a variety of life threatening conditions, including worms, an ear infection and severe dehydration."

The dog, nicknamed "Spirit" for his obvious desire to survive, will be rehabilitated and adopted by a volunteer foster family when he has sufficiently recovered.

Homeless man Larry Siefert will spend 90 days in jail, and will be "grudgingly" returned to the streets of Detroit this winter.

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