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Fat woman percieves herself as thin, keeps eating
by Mark on 8/26/2004 (6)

"I'm too sexy for my hurts!"
NEW YORK -32 year old overweight customer service representative Lacy Levkowitz seems unable to recognize her own obesity

"Fat? Who's fat? The greasy looking guy who sits in the cubicle next to me at the office is fat. I mean, he eats a Schlotsky's deli Reuben for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Levkowitz mumbled through heaping mouthfulls of Wendy's bacon sour cream cobb salad

"I'm thin. I'm at the same weight I was in high school."

Levkowitz, actually 45 lbs and 6 inches around the waist bigger since high school, is one of millions of Americans unwilling, or unable to accurately gauge their body weight.

Psychologist Peter Kontos offers:

"It seems that many overweight people are psychologically dimorphose, that is, their internal conception of self is out of whack with the real world. A similiar converse phenomena occurs among anorexics, who see themselves as fat even when they are nearly dead from starvation. The only way to deal with it is to try to get people to stick to ideal height/weight charts and ignore their skewed self perception."

Lacy scoffs at the notion.

"According to the height/weight tables, I'm supposed to lose 45 lbs. That's fucking crazy. I'm not fat. Just ask the guys at the office."

The only guy at the office attracted to Lacy, the greasy looking overweight man sitting in the cubicle next to her, describes her as "perfectly built and awesome"

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