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Middle aged woman gets tattoo, looks for support
by Mark on 8/29/2004 (1)

Tattoos: Permanent statement, or permanent regret?
ROCKFORD, IL -43 year old historically conservative office manager Edna Johnson, in a fitful act of middle aged self-indulgence, decided to have a tattoo of a rose etched onto her cleavage, just above the bra line.

"At first I loved it, but then I got a wide variety of odd looks, from the guys and some girls too. I thought I had made a horrible mistake and ruined my life."

Leaning forward with an open blouse, Johnson produced a list of names from her desk drawer.

"Many, many famous entertainers have tattoos, like Sarah Michelle Geller, Ben Affleck, Clint Eastwood, not to mention countless Kings and Queens from the ancient Egyptians right through modern times. They have even unearthed a 5000 year old ice mummy in the Swiss alps with black ash tattoos on the calves and back, -not only as an indication of high social rank, but probably to act as a shaman to ward off evil spirits as well. African tribes and Pacific rim islanders have long used tattoos as a rite of passage into adulthood, and to indicate royal bloodline."

Johnson folded her hands and smiled confidently

"I think that shows I'm in good company. I don't regret a thing!"

Johnson's co-workers, however, have recently begun to refer to her as "Madam Rosie", "splooge tits" or just plain "ho".h="

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