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Man admits saving E-mails for possible revenge
by Mark on 8/31/2004 (0)

"It curtains, for you see! I got your URL and your IP!"
PASSAIC, NJ -Gateway computer salesman Don Longhurst admits saving 5 years worth of e-mails as "possible court evidence" in case of future litigation.

Longhurst flipped through hundreds of undeleted e-mails in his Outlook folder, some dating back to 1999, pausing here and there to provide commentary

"This one's a gem. A real keeper. Back in 2001, Tanya in customer service implied that I never finished grade school and threatened to have me fired if I kept calculating shipping costs wrong. If I ever...ever, get fired for any reason, I'll be taking that one to court with me, for sure!"

Longhurst also pointed out several surly customer e-mails, one calling him a "brick-headed idiot" for selling him a video card for his cell phone, and another threatening "If I can't get this refurbished motherboard to boot up Windows XP, I'm coming up there to boot up your silly fat ass."

When asked if his Lex Luthoresque strategy of saving e-mails to use as potential black-mail was just a scurrilous ploy to cover his obvious incompetence or the countless conflicts with co-workers he created with his basically assholish personality, Longhurst scoffed

"I'm just protecting myself, much in the same way police cars have dash cams. E-mails are admissable in court as legal evidence. If anyone ever crosses me, I'll be prepared for it."

What Longhurst wasn't prepared for was the installation of an entirely new network with entirely new software, along with an entirely new salesman in his office following the Labor Day weekendone">

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