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Single guy outlines bachelor man's diet
by Mark on 9/4/2004 (0)

Sausage: core element in the bachelor diet.
SANDUSKY, OH -31 year old single guy Bill Becka outlines his usual grocery stop at the corner Topps supermarket

Becka lugubriously hauled 2 plastic grocery bags out of the trunk of his '91 Chevy Cavalier

"Today, I bought a half-ham, which I got for half-price with my bonus card, a loaf of Orlando's caraway seed rye, some mustard, and 8 72-oz. cans of Molson Ice beer. This should last me about 3 days or so before another food run."

Becka reflected on some other of his other trips to Topps

"When I'm in the mood, I'll buy a package of Hillshire Farms bratwurst, some ground beef, a pack of Kraft American cheese, some Kaiser rolls and a head of lettuce for the vegetable component. Can't forget the vegetables!"

When prodded that the reason he was single was because he was in terrible physical shape due to his typically fat and calorie ridden nutrition shy bachelor man's diet, Becka confessed

"Boy, don't I know it! The dilemma is, when I'm feeling depressed, I need something to fill the void, and there's a gap between what I want to look like, how I'm feeling right now, and what it will take to get me to the point where I need to be, and I just haven't figured out how to tie it all together."

Meanwhile, back at Topps, lonely divorcee Joanie Jewel bypassed Produce and headed straight toward the ice cream and bakery sectionsone"><

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