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Iraqi man displays theological indifference
by Mark on 9/5/2004 (0)

Allahu Akbar! This Buds for you!
BAGHDAD, IRAQ -Lukewarm Iraqi Sunni Muslim Hashim Abdulla, in response to strong accusations that he has forsaken the Koran and defected over to Western beliefs, responds

"All over the world people are fighting with Muslims, accusing Islam as being the remnant of an archaic oppressive male dominated Middle Age theology. And I agree. And so what? I even had a fellow Iraqi threaten me and my family and call me a traitor and the devil. I just want to point out that I really don't care. I have other concerns besides the Koran, you know."

Hashim recounted the rising cost of college education, and his desire to buy a car

"I have a 12 year old daughter who needs braces, and my wife constantly nags me for an addition to my home for my brother-in-law and his wife. I personally think religion should be practiced in the way a person wants to practice it, in the privacy of his home, or at a mosque, what does it matter? God has ears and eyes all over. I'm getting sick and tired of this heavy handed enforcement of some other man's view of what God wants for me. I have more earthly concerns. I can take it or leave it."

Hashim wistfully described his desire for running water and a gas stove for his wife, a big screen TV for him, and a computer with internet access for his children

"My son Mohammed is quite good at soccer. I would like to have a sports field built complete with equipment and uniforms. We need hospitals and good doctors. After all, we have the oil to pay for it, correct? Why should I waste my life living in poverty and squalor, supposedly in the name of God? If you ask me, that is not what God wants for me and my family, anyway."

As an appeasment, Hashim promises to keep a copy of the Koran displayed in a prominent place in his home, and to grudgingly participate in at least one Anti-Western protest a month for the sake of his radical cleric cousin, Ali Hashem.i0" style="display:no

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