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Man eats hot wings at bedtime, pays big price
by Mark on 9/9/2004 (0)

Even bears love a good late nite snack!
OLD COVERED BRIDGE, ME - Nocturnal fridge raider Sal Granno laments late night snack choice

Hunched over a fizziling tumbler of Alka Seltzer like The Pope John Paul in prayer, Granno recalls his traumatic real life gastrointestinal ordeal

"I-I was watching the Letterman Show, and decided to turn in. I stopped by the fridge and snagged one of those XXX mega death jumbo wings I picked up at Chipotle's last night. They always taste better the next day, you know?"

Upon falling asleep, Granno described of dreaming about drowning in a vat of bubbling Tabasco sauce that washed through his nasal cavity, down his esophagus, into his stomach and out of the tips of his toes.

"Man, I was sweatin' it real...When I woke up, I felt like I was in a Industrial chemical accident. I think my duodenum has a hole in it. I'll never do THAT again!"

Unfortunately for Granno, his wife Carol was bringing home a half of an anchovi-pepperoni pizza and a tub of room temperature pickle-jalapeno sour cream dip left over from an office party that afternoonone"

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