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Marine biologist throws luncheon with mixed results
by Mark on 9/9/2004 (0)

mmmm...Scomber scombrus!
MARBLEHEAD, MA -Marine biologist Pam Thurwood throws seafood lunch buffet, offers scientific culinary commentary

Poised before a jittery line of reluctant diners, Thurwood energetically described her seafood buffet extrordinaire

"Ohh! Good choice! That's smoked Ostrea edulisd, commonly called 'oysters'. Did you know that the entire digestive system is eaten along with the chewy anchoring foot, including the G.I. tract, gills, mouth and anus? Enjoy!"

Thurwood excitedly described another selection

"That's imported Nephrops norvegicus or Norway Lobster tails. Did you know that Lobsters are nature's recyclers that eat drifting carrion and other organic waste products? They are also cannibals, and the females are known to eat the males after mating!"

Thurwood guffawed with diabolical laughter

"I used to call my third husband Nephrops norvegicus when he got on my nerves!"

Also featured were Salmo salar fillets, pickled Clupea harengus, complete with heads, and honey roasted Xiphias gladius served with sturgeon roe and table water crackers.

There was no word if any doggie bags were available...or even necessary...for

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