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Collector drinks limited edition pop, ponders next buy
by Mark on 9/22/2004 (0)

Limited edition Reese's cups: limited collectable potential
EL SEGUNDO, CA -Avid stamp and coin collector Hector Fuentez, describes the collectable edible dillemma

Fuentez lined up a clutch of empty soda bottles, candy wrappers and tin cans like a junkman on the night before garbage day

"I bought a bottle of limited edition Mountain Dew 'pitch black' soda, well, because it was limited, but the problem is, I drank it. I was thirsty, so I drank it. I also bought a limited edition Hormel canned ham and a limited edition Cadbury hazlenut butter toffee crunch bar, and I ate those too. All I have left are the wrappers."

Fuentez, grappling with the notion of collectible consumables, pondered further

"I guess I can save them and not eat them, but who's going to want a rusty canned ham or wormy candy bar 20 years from now? So I guess you have to eat them...I'm sorta hemmed in logically by that part."

Describing the flavor of the limited edition Mountain Dew soda as "similiar to melted grape popsicles" and the limited edition canned ham as "Spam on steroids", Fuentez suggested that limited edition foods and beverages "stay limited"

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