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by Mark on 11/10/2004 (0)

Let's rock!
In light of the unprecedented, unmitigated, arrogant assault on our sovereign Domain, I feel it is in good order to define who we are, and what we do...

We are Americans, period!
We uplift the weak, and crush the mean and aggressive!
We heal the sick with laughter!
We think a can of ice cold Miller MGD beats the hell out of a bottle of Moet-Chandon anyday!
We assault those who would profit from the unsuspecting and poor!
We watch John Wayne movies and Monday night football games, even on Sunday!
We think two-piece bikinis make a great snack!

Wherever there is injustice, we will be there!
Wherever there is untruth, we will be there!
Wherever there is suffering, we will be there!!

We are the guys at Smooth Operator!


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