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Prison rioters throw fellow prisoners in prison
by Mark on 11/13/2004 (0)

LEAVENWORTH, KS - A riot at Leavenworth Federal prison takes on an unexpected twist

Jimmy "The Weasle" Skufka, menacing a captured guard with a sharpened canned Spam lid, relates:

"We had two fellow inmates who wouldn't go along with the riot. The boys wanted to gut them like a trout, but I won't play that. I threw them in a cell for the time being until they get the shit outta their heads and wise up."

Indeed, inmates Rocky "Vegas" Balducci and and Donald "Checkbook" Calhoun were locked in a cell within the section of cell blocks controlled by the mob.

Balducci protests

"I am NOT pleased at being locked up in here with this winey little fairy Calhoun. If he keeps crying and sniveling, I'm building a little prison of my own in here, complete with an electric chair!"

Prison officials have cordoned off the greater prison area by turning the entire town of Leavenworth itself into a prisonone"

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