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Chevy Cavalier named top deer hunter choice
by Mark on 11/16/2004 (0)

Even bears love hunting Chevy Cavaliers!
POTTER COUNTY, PA - Faced with a rampant surge in deer population, hunting in PA takes to the road

Pennsylvania state wildlife agent Bob Zimmerman describes an unexpected new trend in deer hunting

"For a decade, up through 2003, bag limits were strictly enforced due to a marked decline in the deer population in PA. The result, which was the desired one, was a surge in deer population, the likes which rival the pre-European era. In fact, deer have become so numerous as to become a nuisance and public hazard. We get reports of upwards of 25 automobile-deer collisions each day in Potter county alone."

Zimmerman describes how some cars are more apt to be involved in accidents with Whitetails than others

"Chevy Cavaliers are number one, and it's just a guess on my part, but I think it's probably due to the Cav's poor high speed manuverablity. We don't get many Jags, Mercedes or Lexus strikes, probably for the opposite reason. The balance are equally split among Dodge Vans, SUV's, KIA's Geo's and Hyundai's."

Drivers who strike deer in PA are permitted by state law to retrieve the carcass for processing as food.

Zimmerman elaborates

"I've heard that Chevy dealers are giving out free deer tags with every new Cavalier purchase. That's fine with me as long as the State Wildlife Commission gets a share, but we haven't worked that one out with Detroit as of yet."

Zimmerman points out that while most auto insurance policies cover damage incurred with collisions with wildlife, conversion of road venison into jerky, cutlets or stew meat is probably not.i0"

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